Multi-objective optimization for the integrated supply and production planning in olive oil industry


Silvija Vlah Jerić, Kristina Šorić

Vrijeme čitanja: 8 minuta


Sustainable agriculture, among other things, implies encouraging a diverse and decentralized system of family farms rather than corporate concentration. Th e challenge is to fi nd a way to organize coalitions improving the food system. Th e case study that inspired this work originates from Istria, a Croatian region with 25 olive oil producers and about 5,000 mostly small farmers growing and harvesting olives. To account for all the objectives of the agri-food supply chain participants, this work aims to set up a model for its integrated optimization, give its mathematical formulation and suggest a method for solving the problem.

Keywords: Perishable goods, agri-food industry, olive oil, production planning, multi-objective optimization