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Supply chain resilience: How are pandemic-related disruptions reshaping managerial thinking?

The pandemic exacerbated the silo structure that still prevails in many businesses, inhibiting the flow of information and obstructing a co-ordinated response to supply chain disruptions. Experience has now shown that managing supply chains during a pandemic requires a cross-functional effort.

Kako iskoristiti lanac opskrbe za storytelling?

Kristina Šorić Lucija Šorić MSc International leisure and tourism studies, Storyteller, interpretator baštine S pandemijom Covid 19 sve se više počeo spominjati lanac opskrbe, njegova uloga i važnost. Nedavno smo pročitale „The 20th century was about finance. The 21st century should be about supply chains“, Lijepo zvuči, ali kakva je situacija kod nas, u…

Ne nazire se kraj poremećajima u globalnim lancima opskrbe uslijed Covida 19

[FORBES] “More ships are needed, but additional supply is a few years away. There are new orders for shipping vessels, equal to almost 20% of the existing capacity, but they won’t come online until 2023.” “Trucking is the primary source of container transport once the cargo is unloaded at a port. A shortage of drivers…

Global Educator Challenge – The Fresh Connection

Contrary to the Spring edition which was open only to Certified Educators of The Fresh Connection, this edition you can be the captain of your own team! Surprise your peers in the field of Supply Chain Management related topics, from your own university or another one, with an invitation to join you in this exciting…

Rimac i Bugatti će nastaviti sa svojim odvojenim lancima opskrbe

Ten-year-old Rimac and 110-year-old Bugatti will both continue as separate brands, using their own production facilities and supply chains in Croatia and France respectively, says Auto EXPRESS.

Podatkovna analitika

Podatkovna analitika nije samo pomodarstvo, podatkovna analitika postaje nezaobilazna strategija razvoja i opstanka lanca opskrbe. Popularno se to naziva smart data driven decision making.

Top knjige o lancu opskrbe

Zanima vas upravljanje lancem opskrbe, a ne znate otkud krenuti? Donosimo vam popis najpopularnijih knjiga iz područja, abecednim redom: Cachon G., Terwiesch C., “Matching Supply with Demand: An Introduction to Operations Management”, 4th Edition, McGraw Hill (2018) Chopra S., Meindel P., “ Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation“, 6th Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall (2016)…